How to earn using smart phone ?


No joining fee & No investment

You can earn thousands of rupees every month working on your smart phone without any investment working for just half an hour daily. If you refer your friends & relatives – you can earn lakhs of rupees.
NO joining fee !   NO investment !

You have to work for just 30 min. in a day at any time.

You have to do simple works on the smart phone like watching videos [like in youtube]

How to join ?

This app used to work ONLY in India but, the company is expanding it blobally...! So, soon it would be available in all countries...!

Download the app “weone” into your smart phone. ‘weone’ app is available in ‘google play store’ and ‘apple app store’ as well.

If your cell has ‘android’ - then download the app from:

If your cell is iPhone - then download the app from:

Install the app into your smart phone.

Enter your cell no.

Enter the refl. Code:  qh78l  {Note: in this code all are small letters and the last letter is -  small letter ‘L’}

After this enter your details like name, age, email etc., details.

That’s all - you are joined into the ‘weone network’.

How to work:

Into the app daily you will get three videos and all you have to do is: open the videos and watch them. This will take few minutes and you have to do this daily – that’s all..!

If you work for one month like this you will get around 12,000 Rupees and this money will be deposited into your Bank account in the first week of every month.  If you refer more people into the ‘weone netwok’ – you will get more money.

You can update your bank account details after working for one month.

After joining you will get a ‘referral code’ and using your referral code you have to join at least TWO people into the ‘weone network’ to withdraw your money. If you join more people into this ‘weone network’ you can get even lakhs of rupees per month!

{Note:- you can see your referral code in your ‘profile’ after joining in the ‘weone network’}

If you have any doubts contact me at:

Cell: (0) 9493306326

Thank you,
~ Albert